Neck And Back On The Beach

The beach is the place where most people spend their summer days. To enjoy the experience at the sea we go to the beach and when we arrive, where do we lie down to rest? If we walk well with money maybe we can rent a sun lounger and if not, we stretch the towel and throw ourselves on the sand. During the time we are on the beach, we are lying down sunbathing or reading and we can get to wake up pain in the back or neck with our postures. This post is written in response to the suggestion of a reader of the blog.

Normally if we are lying on our back with our legs bent, our back does not suffer much. If we are lucky enough to be on a lounger, it may take a while to accommodate our neck for sunbathing but the lower back will be fine. The neck may be a little hyperextension as we see in the initial photo of the post, which can cause discomfort or awaken tingling in the hands occasionally. It is not advisable to maintain this posture. The solution is easy using something like a pillow like a T-shirt or similar. Lying directly on the sand we find that the sand is undulating and the irregularities of the ground are stuck in the back. The good thing about sand is that we can mold it.

Neck And Back On The BeachReading on the beachThe problem comes when we want to be in positions to read or watch people pass. In the sun lounger, if the backrest is reclining, we can incorporate it. When reading in this posture suffers the neck because we flex it in excess. When we take a while, the neck will suffer. To avoid cervical problems, it is recommended that the neck be well supported and use a support for the ebook that we are using. This way we can have the ebook in front of the eyes without suffering the arms and without having to flex the neck. In the picture below I leave you an example of support to understand us (for that you are interested, this one, in particular, is called Monkey Kit).

If we put the ebook in front of the eyes holding it with the arms will suffer the neck and the arms. As you see, I speak of ebook and not of physical book. The physical book has its charm but is difficult to handle on the beach in a good posture. Today with an ebook we take many books in a small and light device where the wind does not pass the page. I recommend it.

Sometimes we want to get down on our stomachs, either by changing our position or to give us the sun on our backs. This posture is compromised for the back and neck. On the one hand, the lumbar area is in hyperextension and the psoas pulls from the lumbar vertebrae and will end up generating pain in the lower back. On the other hand, we have to hold in position with our elbows supported. The neck suffers less if we hold the weight of the head with our hands. An alternative to not force your back is to sit astride the lounger and leave the ebook on the lounger. This way we can give the sun in the back and we will punish less.

In the sand the thing is complicated a little more. It is difficult to take a “healthy” position to read when we lie in the sand. Being upside down with the hyperextension lumbar area we have already seen is not recommended. Face up we could use a stand and have a good posture but the sun will not leave us for most of the day. Another typical posture is being on the side. Here we can be with the elbow on the sand and the hand holding the head that slightly alleviates the weight of the head. In any case this position will end with neck pain and fatigue in the arm. It is best to lie on your side with your head resting and your legs curled up as if in a fetal position. We put the side ebook supported on an object or subject by the support and read. In this position, if we have our head resting on a pillow,

In short, to be without pain of back and neck on the beach is recommended a deck chair, an ebook and a support, in addition to avoid compromised postures. If we have to throw to the sand and we want to read, better when the sun is lower and we can use a support and be face up.

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