Hip Arthrosis

The first thing the reader can think of is “what does a back page talk about hip osteoarthritis?”. There is an important reason that you will understand as we move forward. Incidentally, we will talk about this frequent lesion, especially in males.

Osteoarthritis of the hip is a wear and tear of the hip joint, regardless of the cause, which is limiting its capabilities. Osteoarthritis of the hip can cause pain and / or limitation of mobility. When we speak of hip we refer to the joint between the pelvis and the femur. In general, people usually associate the word “hips” to the waist area. With hip, we doctors refer to another very different region, the joint.

Hip ArthrosisThe pain that originates in the joint of the hip usually notices it in the groin area and can radiate through the anterior side of the thigh. When the pain is not very defined it could be confused with the irradiation of an injury in the spine. It occurs when we have an MRI that shows lesions like herniated discs. If our doctor trusts too much of MRI can fall into the error of thinking that our pain comes from the back.

It is usually difficult to differentiate hip osteoarthritis from a lumbar lesion. The confusion factor comes when both produce an irradiation by the groin area and thigh. In most cases we will be able to differentiate it through an exploration in the consultation. That does not mean that sometimes the diagnosis is complicated. In this case we run the risk of being operated on the back unnecessarily. We will not get better because the pain comes from the hip. If in doubt, a simple hip x-ray will be very helpful.

And if it is a hip osteoarthritis, what is the solution to my pain?

In hip osteoarthritis there is a very effective solution that has many buts. It is the hip prosthesis. It is a major surgery where we replace our joint with a factory. When removing the moving parts that caused the pain, it is normal to notice immediate relief. So what problems does this intervention have?

The first thing is that it is a hard surgery for our body where we will lose blood and we will need recovery time. Certain health conditions must be given in order to be able to submit to it. It is this sense; we will not operate by a slight hip pain logically. To date there are no good surgical solutions for milder hip pains. We have this extreme but effective option for the most important ailments.

There is another reason not to operate lighter injuries. Prosthetics do not last forever. Age in this sense is another factor to take into account. A young person of 45 years, for example, knows that he will have to re-operate at least twice in his life, considering the current life expectancy.

Hip osteoarthritis, when advanced enough and starts to ache, becomes a very uncomfortable injury that does not give way. Just as in knee osteoarthritis we can have very advanced lesions and have no pain, this is not so in hip osteoarthritis. In milder injuries that begin to hurt, you can remit the pain once the inflammatory phase has passed, provided that we learn certain precautions and sometimes help with some medical and rehabilitation treatments.

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