American Pancakes Or Pancakes

American pancakes or pancakes: presentation

American pancakes (also called hot cakes) are a simple and wonderful breakfast. A way to eat homemade pastry freshly made without leaving home and without resorting to industrial pastries. We usually see them in American films and only seeing how easy they prepare them and the great variety of ways to decorate them, one wants to prick the tooth.

For a long time I have made this recipe from a magazine that I have been using for many years called Easy Cooking (nº 62).

Hope you enjoy these pancakes or American pancakes.


  • 125 g wheat flour 0000
  • 1 egg
  • 60 g of sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • 100 ml milk (half cup)
  • 3 g chemical yeast or baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

American Pancakes Or PancakesAmerican pancakes or pancakes: recipe preparation

  1. – In a bowl prepare the dough incorporating the ingredients at the same time. Peel the egg, add the milk, sugar, a pinch of salt, flour, chemical yeast or baking powder and a teaspoon of coffee filled with vanilla essence.
  2. – Beat vigorously with hand or electric rods to integrate all the ingredients and obtain a thin cream, but somewhat thick. Depending on how thick the dough is, you will have more or less thick pancakes. If you want them finer, add milk, if you want them thicker, add a little flour. The type of flour I have used is 0000, for other types of flour, you may need to rectify.
  3. – Sprinkle with a little oil (you can use butter, if you prefer) a nonstick skillet and rub it with a piece of kitchen paper until leaving the whole surface of the pan greased. Take it to the fire (moderate fire).
  4. – When the pan is hot, pour one or two tablespoons of dough on the center. Do not move the pan, the mass will spread and form a disc. Leave it on a moderate heat until you see that the surface is filled with bubbles. At that time, with the aid of a spatula, peel off the pancake carefully and turn it over. Let it brown on the other side and once your pancake or American pancake has the golden color you like, you can remove it from the fire. The first pancake is always a test to control the fire.
  5. – Do the same with the whole dough, without having to grease the frying pan again. When you remove them from the fire, leave them stacked so they do not cool. You can also leave them in the oven off and preheated to keep them warm.
  6. – To eat the American pancakes or pancakes, you can spread them of fresh cheese of spread and marmalade and finish them with fresh fruit of season. You can also sprinkle them with nutella or water all the pancakes stacked with honey. The way you eat them is to everyone’s liking. Enjoy your freshly made American pancakes or pancakes.

Tip:  If you have enough, you can store them in a bag and then eat them cold or hot by inserting them for a moment in the microwave or passing them through the pan.

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