Halloween Monstrous Cookies

Monstrous Halloween Cookies: Presentation

All Halloween preparations are underway now and today I have seen small zombies and witches running with the best of their finery. All the celebrations have their typical sweet and this, which has taken us so little to adopt, comes loaded with the most varied ideas. A few days ago, Lidl gave me many articles from his campaign for Halloween. I fell in love with some nice cookie cutters and the result I present today.

Fondant cookies fit all celebrations. Each motif will represent the theme that we have decided to try and with the same preparation and changing the shapes and cuts of the dough, we will get the sweetest suited to set our sweet table.


  • 125 g butter
  • 160 g of sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 450g of flour
  • 1 lemon zest
  • 1 on baking powder or chemical yeast
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • Cookie cutters
  • Fondant of colors

Halloween Monstrous CookiesMonster Halloween Cookies: Recipe Preparation

To make this recipe, I have used the recipe of Classic Butter Cookies, which I leave here . In this link you will find the way to prepare and bake the dough to get the cookies that you will later decorate with the colorful fondant.

To prepare them, I leave this video and you only have to change the cutters used by the ones that you have acquired with the forms of Halloween.

You can see this video on YouTube to comment, bookmark I like or subscribe to my channel video recipes.

For this recipe, you must cut the cookies with a thickness of 4 mm. If you have an adjustable roller, it is very simple, but if you do not have it, you must be careful that the thickness of the cookies is uniform.

Cut the cookies with the cutters and bake as I told you in the video. I hope you also enjoy these cookies from Lidl’s Halloween promotion.

Preparation of the monstrous Halloween cookies

When you have all the baked cookies, you can now decorate with the fondant.

Knead a portion of fondant with your hands and spread it with the roll giving a thickness of 2 mm. It is quite thin so it does not look cloying. Use sugar glass or cornstarch on the roller and work top not to stick the fondant.

Cut the fondant with the same cutter you used for cookies.

With a brush wet in water, paint the surface of the cookie and place on top the fondant cut in the same shape, matching the best you can all the edges. Az the same with each of the shapes and the desired color.

Once you have covered all the cookies, you can go on to make the details.

For owls: With a fondant cutter in the shape of a circle (they have a plunger that allows depositing the cheap restaurant without manipulating it with the hands) cut larger circles for the tripita, wet the fondant and place it on top of the cookie. For the eyes, cut smaller circles and for the center, mold the hands with a ball and stick it with a little water over the eye.

For the pumpkins: I have cut a green portion with the end of the steak and placed it covering that part of the cookie.

For the ghosts: I have modeled two portions of black fondant and I have pasted them as eyes.

For bats: I have modeled two red eyes and I have stuck them like ghosts, but much smaller.

The decorations are to your liking and you are sure to be able to invent others as much or more beautiful than these. I leave you a video with many tips for decorating cookies with fondant.

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