6 Tips For Choosing An Online Pharmacy

Have you ever wanted to buy a para-pharmacy product on the net and have not decided to do it because you did not know what you were going to find?

Do you know that if you search on Google “trustworthy online pharmacy” you will find more than a million results?

Today we are going to give you some clues to be able to make this type of purchases with total confidence.

A common question I receive from my clients is about recommendations about the use or purchase of supplements, hygiene or natural products. And since many of them are in different cities to mine, it is not always easy to find the same stores or brands. In fact, more and more, in this field as well as in any other field we use the purchase on the net.

6 Tips For Choosing An Online PharmacyHowever, it is necessary to take into account a series of tips to choose a safe and reliable online pharmacy, since it is not gold everything that glitters and sometimes a cheap price dazzles us.

There are my tricks to identify if an online drugstore is trustworthy:

When you clearly establish a form of contact beyond email. Well a phone (fixed better than mobile), can be a physical address, are details that should appear visible at all times.

When you have a pharmacist at your disposal to advise you on their products . It can be through an online chat, in some cases even using Whatssapp, having someone trust the other side solving your doubts helps when choosing a parapharmacy or another.

When registered as a company or pharmacy in your country of origin . An element to take into account not to put ourselves in the hands of anyone is to check what business form there is behind that web in which we have landed. Normally, we can find this information in the legal section or in “who we are”.

When at all times, guarantee your privacy and confidentiality. An important aspect and that we cannot neglect, to know what will be done with our data. In the Spanish case, it confirms that it is adequate to the LOPD (Organic Law of Data Protection).

When you have clearly and visibly established a process for the management of deliveries and returns , since we avoid surprises in case you are not satisfied with our purchase.

When it offers different methods of payment of recognized prestige (from the main cards, to PayPal). Offering a variety of means of payment gives us an indication of seriousness and protects us in case of incidents.

In any case, my recommendation is to start with a small purchase and once had a first experience, repeat with confidence.

These are the criteria that I apply when choosing, would you like to share yours? If you want, you can do it in the comment section.

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