Olive Oils Sold As If They Were Extra Virgin

Shameful and demount able but it does not stop. Over and over we keep reading news from companies that sell us things that make us believe things that are not true. Like the famous of the cars Volkswagen that supposed an environmental problem also.

Now, those who tease are some sellers of olive oil who sell their bottles of olive oil as if they were extra virgin.

How to buy a good extra virgin olive oil?

 You have to pay attention to the products that are sold for less than $6, 7 a liter because they do not even cover production costs, continued maturity and virgin designation of origin.”

This is the advice given by Roberto Moncalvo, President Coldiretti, after the news came out of the oils sold as what they are not. In Italy they are passing olive oils as if they were extra-virgin and at a lower cost than the competition. Obvious, because it is not what it claims to be.

 They realized after analyzing a sample of bottles taken from the NAS in some supermarkets in Turin. Legal representatives of seven oil producers are now under scrutiny: Carapelli, Santa Sabina, Bertolli, Coricelli, Sasso, Primadonna (packaged for Lidl) and Antica Badia (by Eurospin). They will have to respond to this commercial fraud by having passed a common oil of category 2, of lower cost and quality, for an extra virgin olive.

 Fraud: Olive Oils Sold As If They Were Extra VirginAgriculture Minister Maurizio Martina commented:

 “We follow closely the evolution of the Turin prosecutor’s investigation because it is essential to protect a privileged sector such as olive oil. For months we have strengthened controls, especially in view of last year in which oil production was one of the most complicated in recent years. In 2014 our action with inspections against fraud carried out more than 6,000 controls on the sector, with the seizure of 10 million dollars. Now it is important to clarify this to protect the consumers and thousands of honest companies involved in the new production series today. “

 The research was about 20 bottles analyzed by the chemical laboratory of the Rome Customs Agency. The samples were subjected to both organoleptic and chemical tests to test the acidity and presence of peroxides. Result? Nine bottles of 20 were not what they claimed to be.

 Coldiretti said, “Fostering fraud is undoubtedly the result of the arrival of imports from abroad in 2014, not less than 666,000 tonnes of oil and olive pomade, a 38% increase over the previous year.”

 Italy is the second largest producer of olive oil after USA, with an estimated turnover of 2 million dollars and a labor force that represents about 50 million working days. But it is also the world’s largest importer of this gold colored liquid.

 For the moment, we still have to wait to see what the final sentence is. So the only thing that can be done is to be well aware of the labels, prices and production times.

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