5 Ways To Encourage Sports In The Smallest

The three main pillars of a healthy life are good nutrition, exercise and rest and the easiest way to meet them is to make them a habit of our day to day. To achieve this, nothing better than starting small. This way you will be able to encourage your children to play sports.

5 Ways To Encourage Sports In The Smallest

Helps to stay in shape, reinforces self-esteem, prevents obesity problems, fosters teamwork, improves psychomotor skills … The benefits of sport are so many that it would take an entire article to name just a few of them – here you can see the most Important. And yet, we live in an increasingly sedentary society where the problems of being overweight in children are the order of the day.

That is why more and more parents try to instill sports habits into the little ones. But one thing is to try and another quite different to get it. With these five tricks we do not assure you success, but it will be easier to achieve your goal.

Get Involved, Serve As An Example.

If you want your child to play sports, you should be the first to practice it. It will be much easier for the child to see it as normal to spend part of his time running, cycling or playing football if he sees that his father and mother do too. Ideally you should practice with him, but even if he does not, simply know that dad runs every day will help him to assimilate that practice as something positive.

5 Ways To Encourage Sports In The SmallestMake It Into A Game.

Many sports are games, but when we start with the smallest range of sports they can practice is limited. To this must be added the innate competitiveness in children, which can make it difficult to start sports with a certain technical component, which could frustrate them. That’s why you can take the sport to anywhere in the form of a game from the races to the handkerchief or the catch. The important thing here is to run, exercise and understand that moving should be part of your day to day. Also, the more exercise you do, the more your body will ask for it.

Do Not Get Stuck With A Single Sport

Although we tend to forget, children have a greater sense of ridicule than we think and their pride can be hurt quickly if they fail to master the activity. A formula to combat it is to go rooting sports and choose some where the improvements are fast. If a week has played football and you see that it does not finish advancing, try to change a game that consists only in throwing the ball. The key, as we have said, is not to choose sports with a complex technical component, at least at the beginning. In addition, it will be the child himself who guides you towards the activities you like.

Sports Gifts

A bicycle, a skate or even better, a football or gymnastics. A gift related to the sport will encourage the little one to practice it.

Team Sports

The advantage of team sports is that the child can play with his friends and also learn the value of sharing and companionship. At early ages it is not even necessary to be a sport to use, but simply organize activities in which he and his friends can participate. This will make you even more motivated.

Finally, whenever the activity can be carried out outdoors it will be more advisable to do so.

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