Smoothies: The Most Refreshing Shakes For Summer

Smoothies are the perfect food for the summer: relaxing, stimulating and delicious. In addition, they offer a lot of concentrated nutrients in a single glass that we can take at any time of the day , either to start a long and hot summer day or for an aperitif and even as a refreshing snack. With fresh summer fruit at its peak, milkshakes become a natural supplement of vitamins and minerals that will help us cope with the hot summer days.

Smoothies: the most refreshing shakes for summer

To create our own shakes we can follow the following formula: two pieces of fruit, a yogurt (milk, soy or tofu) and a glass of juice. If we like the juiciest smoothies we can use less liquid and add more fruit or vice versa, the ideal is to find a balance to make the shakes as appetizing as possible for both children and adults.

When choosing the fruit we must take into account that the more mature it is, the sweeter the smoothness will result, so we will find smoothies as good as the fruit itself. The red fruits give a very characteristic flavor and are an inexhaustible source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Summer offers fruit like nectarine, peach, melon, also the sweet variety of melon, watermelon, etc., all of them excellent for preparing our summer smoothies. But not only summer offers a great variety of fruits to make smoothies, in the winter we can find pears, apples, pineapple, mango, papaya, kiwi and many more fruits that will make us enjoy during the winter.

Smoothies The Most Refreshing Shakes For SummerMany people add some water to fruit smoothies in order to lighten the texture and make them softer. But we can also use coconut water or other non-dairy milk. Other people use a fruit juice to modify the texture, in that case we can choose between orange juice, carrot, mango, use apricot nectar, a mixture of tropical juices or juices like pineapple or apple.

Most of the time we can use cow’s milk or dairy products such as yogurt , but there are alternatives, such as using non-dairy milk such as vanilla or soy milk or yogurt derived from this type of milk. Both options are valid and will allow us to create smoothies that are suitable for people who either is unappetizing the taste of cow’s milk or are intolerant to lactose. Another substitute is Tofu, which will turn our breakfast or our appetizer into a very important source of protein.

Most likely, we do not need to add any more nutrients to the smoothie, but if that’s the case, and we need to increase the sweetness, we’ll use natural sweeteners like stevia, so we’ll get a sweet, healthy food for summer days.

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