Are Sweeteners A Healthy Choice?

For centuries sugar and honey have been used to sweeten foods. However, for some decades the existence of sweeteners, chemical or natural has given us an alternative to increase the sweet taste of our dishes with the main advantage of being virtually caloric.

Are sweeteners a healthy choice?

The sweeteners are few substances added to foods to make them more sweet replacing sucrose. The ability of this type of substances to provide sweet taste is called “sweetening power” and varies from one to another. A common feature among sweeteners is that the amount needed to provide the sweet taste is greatly reduced compared to table sugar.

There are other types of sweeteners, polyols. These are chemical substances that contribute fewer calories than the common sugar, but which have a greater sweetening power while maintaining the same volume, so that when working at industrial level the possibilities that are presented are very broad.

Are Sweeteners A Healthy Choice?The main reason that sweeteners are used as an additive in foods is because they are caloric or hypocaloric substances that allow people who are on a diet to enjoy the sweet taste so precious. In addition, these types of substances prevent the occurrence of dental caries so they are also used to sweeten toothpaste or mouthwash.

All additives, whether sweeteners, colorants, preservatives, acidifiers, etc., must be approved and considered suitable for use in the food industry by the European sanitary authorities. After performing a large number of analyzes, these organizations establish the maximum amount of sweetener for which no adverse effects have been found and from this value determines the tolerable daily intake for the general population.

Tolerable daily intakes are established so that there is a margin of safety that prevents intoxication.

If While some sugar substitutes may seem healthier than sugar , it is necessary to clarify that the only advantage we can get with replacing table sugar with artificial sweeteners sticks to the energy supply , as the content of vitamins and minerals will be similar.

In recent decades, consumption of sweeteners has been associated with adverse health effects. These are baseless reports that make many consumers who use digital means to find out they doubt the healthiness of them.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is responsible for carrying out all the necessary analyzes to ensure the safety of consumers and in this the EFSA is clear, stating that the consumption of sweeteners within the tolerable daily intake limits does not represent No health risk

One of the effects that most concern the population is the possible relationship between the consumption of sweeteners, either saccharin or aspartame, with the onset of cancer. None of the studies have established any relationship between the consumption of sweeteners and the onset of the disease, and those who have concluded that sweeteners can cause cancer have very serious failures in the development of the same.

So the answer to the title of the article is clear, sweeteners are a healthy option and the market also offers a variety of ways of presentation.

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