Whitening teeth at home

Over the years, most of us are faced with such a problem as the darkening of the enamel. And then in the form of teeth are unhealthy, acquire an unpleasant gray – yellow hue issuing the age of planting complex “Nesmeyana”.

But fortunately for all of us to achieve the present dentistry allow to neutralize this problem without losing at the same time the enamel after the procedure. Teeth can be bleached in a professional clinic, but also bleaching and this can be achieved in a house.

Whitening – a change in the enamel surface, which requires the length of the course much less time than with a deeper color change. In order to whiten discolored teeth due to any single – the traumatic injuries would be best to use for this technology an internal clarification.

whitening methods at home teeth conditions were invented before the advent of the professional way. For example, traditional medicine recommends the teeth rub the white side of lemon peel pulp, or caress your teeth with lemon juice diluted.

Yet the oldest known method of bleaching – soda. She need to brush your teeth as well as tooth powder. However, we must remember that soda is able to rip off the tooth enamel.

It is also possible to use a mixture of cooked comminuted calcium tablets mixed with water and salt. The resulting composition can be added a little toothpaste. This mixture should be brushing your teeth for about three minutes without pressing too hard brush to avoid scratching enamel.

Perhaps the most frequent troubles accompanying lighting in the home teeth – this irritation of the gums, soft tissues, as well as increased tooth sensitivity. If such nevertheless appeared you then you should see a dentist.

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