Vitamins for children

You will agree that the happiness of parents depends directly on the health and happiness of their children. The baby felt himself perfectly and fully developed, need constant care. And it is very important that the child’s body was getting in plenty he needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If there is insufficient natural ingredients that the baby consumes daily with food, then it is recommended to give him children’s vitamins.

When giving your child vitamins?

Calendar year has times when, regardless of the age of the human body needs, especially in the “feeding” of vitamins. And it often happens in the offseason. Given that the weakened body after baby winter asking all kind of reinforcement. When vitamin deficiency the main symptoms of vitamin deficiencies, which need to pay attention and immediately react – is drowsiness, lethargy and lack of appetite.

Vitamins for childrenIt is necessary to be attentive to such mothers featured, not allowing the situation to drift, or in the case of neglect may be a vitamin deficiency (lack of vitamins much) and then children start, exfoliate nails and peel off the skin.

But what to do to maintain the right tone of the child’s body? Of course a certain amount of vitamins a child receives from food. But this is not enough for the fast-growing organism. That’s why, after consultation with the doctor can be given vitamin preparations such as syrups and tablets kid.

From what age can give vitamins? These children need to have a womb. So if a pregnant mother eats properly, and the fruit receives vitamins. And if the mother even after childbirth is not nervous, often walking in the fresh air is fed properly and well, the baby first six months his life uses, together with the breast all the nutrients. But eating a newborn sitting on artificial feeding, then on the third week of life requires the introduction of vitamin supplements, but it is only after consultation with a physician.

Intake of vitamins required and as prevention for rickets. Especially up to three years in a child should receive vitamin D sufficiency, which does not come with food, but only produced when the sun and skin contact. Therefore, if you can not spend a lot of the baby in the sun, then it is given to children as a drug.

What vitamins choose?

Doctors prescribe vitamin C and vitamin E-component, D, And in particular for the treatment, when a painful condition caused by a lack of a toddler – a particular substance. Vitamins in such cases are always taken courses that sets a specialist.

When the target is receiving vitamin enriching substances generally desired organism, it is necessary to choose for this multicomponent complex containing a prophylactic dose various vitamins and minerals.

Giving Do vitamins for children?

Based on the above doubts about giving children vitamins or not , should not occur. Here the answer depends on the wish of the mother to strengthen and energize a small growing organism. Another thing, when, how and even whether to give their children largely depends on the drug.

We must remember that the synthetic agents have low digestibility, leaving the kidneys baby insoluble precipitates, so these vitamins it is only necessary to take if a doctor has prescribed and the courses. Long-term use will be canceled. According to the doctor appointed by the rate of one-component therapeutic fat-soluble vitamins.

However, if the choice fell on natural products, which tend to be more expensive, so the child gets an extra portion of the useful quality of food: there are contraindications are rare.

Almost all the vitamins a child must take during meal or her field. Better if it will take them in the morning, then the body of a child for the whole day fully assimilate the nutrients produced. And follow the exact dosage.

If you have to give your child vitamins then watch the first three days after him. If you have any – any negative side effects: rash, upset stomach, vomiting, reception stops until it is better than the kid.

Given the sweet taste of drugs, vitamins are like children, so strictly necessary to ensure that the funds were kept out of reach of the town.

Action vitamins separately

Vitamin A – is responsible for the overall development and growth of the child, improves the condition of the mucous membranes and skin, functioning of the visual system. His lack appears on the decrease in visual acuity, disturbance of the immune system, acceleration of skin and infectious diseases.

Vitamin the F – this is the best fighter against infections.

Vitamin C – is needed especially to children during a period of transition in the spring, it strengthens the immune system, accompanies the process of hematopoiesis, improves appetite, helps to restore the immunity from illness.

Vitamin E – deficiency leads to weakness of muscles, increases nervousness, it regulates the body’s child oxidation processes.

The D Vitamin – helper. Calcium and phosphorus are better absorbed thanks to him, growing stronger skeletal system. Particularly useful infants D3, so baby can not get his mother’s milk.

Vitamin K – heals wounds, affect the normal blood circulation in the blood clotting. It strengthens teeth and is a storehouse of carbohydrates.

Vitamin B1 – improves the condition of the blood and helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, fats.

Vitamin B2 – its absence show chapped lips. Vitamin is responsible for the nervous system and visual acuity.

Vitamin B6 – improves brain function, good effect on the mind, strengthens the hair and neutralize viruses.

Vitamin B9 – is responsible for the normal development of the spine, it is also taken as a pregnant mother folic acid.

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