Terms of fasting days

Most of us dream to lose weight, but not everyone has the willpower to diet to stay indulging in the joy of a meal for a long time. It is for this type of invented people were unloading days. So to say the mini – diet helps cleanse the body from all sorts of abominations and thus get rid of a couple of kilograms without causing prolonged bouts of hunger and psychological torment.

The essence of these days for unloading is reduction of calories per day at about three times the backup mechanisms involving body. It is due to the accumulated fat in the body and lack of energy is replenished in those days, resulting in dropping weight.

fasting daysFasting days are different:

  • Combined;
  • Protein – kefir, fish, cheese, meat;
  • Fat – cream, sour cream;
  • Carbohydrate – buckwheat, rice, vegetables, berries, fruit .

Thus, we consider you 7 days of the rules of the unloading.


Unloading is carried out 1-2 times a week. If there was at the time of the day, discomfort and dizzy, then you have to drink a glass of sweet tea and a little lie down. In such a situation it is necessary to abandon the unloading.

Remember: the body is a system of habits useful or harmful. In order for the body “prepared” in advance to help yourself lose weight need to be cleaned and unloading of days to spend in the same week days. Thus, the stress response of the organism is minimized.

The choice of the day X

As a rule, all nutritionists recommend unloading the days of spending on Mondays. At the weekend, the body a little tired from the abundance write, because it is the weekend we most overeat, the more that lies ahead working week, which means you have to be armed.

If you wish to arrange a week unloading two days then ideally you should choose Tuesdays and Fridays, the main thing that they were not the same. For example, Tuesday – a fermented milk, Friday – protein or vegetable. So it will be much more useful for the figure and health!

Do not plan to carry out before the holidays unloading, as starvation, then a festive meal can lead to a breakdown in the gastrointestinal tract. But after the feast unloading will be useful.

Preparing for the day of discharge

To unload the day brought the most benefit, it is necessary to prepare for it in advance. Eve dinner should be light. It is necessary to increase the little amount of dairy products and fiber to help maximize cleaning.

Number of batteries

During the unloading of the number of power depends on many factors: your weight, the necessary energy, etc. The approximate calculation is as follows:. The total caloric write to the discharge day, should not be more 1000kkal. Vegetables – up to 2kg, protein – up to 700 g.

Daily amount of food should be divided into six portions, and then every 2-3 hours to make. Fractional power will help reduce the feeling of hunger, which is peculiar to the unloading days.

About liquid and seasonings

The unloading days is recommended to completely abandon the seasonings and salts because they only enhance the appetite and helps to delay even in the body fluid. Familiar vegetable salad dressing can be replaced by lemon juice. And, of course, in the days of fasting sugar under complete prohibition!

It is necessary in these days drink at least two liters of fluid and it should be either green tea or water clean without gas. The rest of the drinks are prohibited.

Little tricks

In order to run at the time of discharge in the body metabolism it is recommended on an empty stomach to take a healthy and tasty lemon – mead.

To prepare it, it is necessary to dissolve 1ch.l. honey in a glass of water and add 1/3 lemon. The drink must be insisted, so that it can be prepared the night before. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

You can also “hedge” by facilitating the gall bladder, which at the time of discharge is often strained. A small amount of food leads to stagnation of bile. And this means an unpleasant sensation in the right podrebe. To this did not happen it is necessary to drink throughout the day bile collection or infusion of corn silk on 1-2st.


Restricting food can compensate for sleep. Therefore it is recommended to discharge the days of good sleep – at least 9 hours.

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