Lose weight without feeling hungry

Many have tasted “spade” method of weight loss is said often that it compared to other diets quite comfortable. And this is connected with the fact that in this system the amount of food is not limited – you can eat it as you want.

Needless difficult to eat a lot of one type of product – quickly tired of the taste. But if you suddenly feel hungry, there is no need to carry it with firmness and you can just have a snack. The more that is not prohibited in the diet “six petals” to eat after six in the evening , but still not worth it to overeat at night, you must have dinner before going to sleep about 3 hours.

Lose weight Another important point which improves the mood of those who lose weight on this system. As suggested by the author of this methodology is all turn into a kind of an entertaining game.

It is necessary to attach it on the refrigerator or on a more prominent or whether homemade paper flowers, which will consist of six petals – so to say “little flowers shestitsvetik”. write the “Product of the day” for each of these petals. How to sit all day on the right product, in the evening before bedtime with joy with great pleasure tear off the appropriate tab, commending himself with that you become one step closer to his dream – a slim figure. Believe that this six-day ritual will help you to avoid disruption of dietary, raising your self-esteem and provide a positive outlook for further action.

Will is the use?

Of course, the dream of many to get rid of the week from a few unwanted kilograms . But it is not necessary while still building, public – or big illusion.

Diet “6 petals” – is a good way to prepare urgently the figure, before some – the long-awaited event, or before holiday. But once and for all to lose weight the system is unlikely to help. If after six days that you spent every one his product will become for – old to eat, then quickly lost pounds back. Therefore, you can use the “six-lobe” as the start of the road to harmony, while on the way it is imperative to go further – that is, to limit the amount of food and caloric exclude sugary and fatty foods, constantly engaged in fitness.

In the diet can be from time to time to sit down again, but not so often – a maximum of 3 – 4 kneading for once.

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