How can I improve vision?

When the eyes are not able to correctly focus the image, then things become visible not well and clearly. This problem is solved with the aid of glasses or contact lenses, however, home remedies, exercise and adequate nutrition is able to stop the loss of vision and even contrary to improve it.

Lovers of adventure novels knows that the enemies of the Indians learned from afar, when they were still a small dot on the horizon. It is said that this is not a fantasy writers. It turns out that an amazing farsightedness Indians elaborated since early childhood with the help of special exercises.

Still not fully explored all the potential of a person. We are in our daily lives are most worried about preservation, not for what to improve vision . So our eyes with the growth of civilization are experiencing more stress. Visual load absorb all the nervous energy to one quarter.

How to protect your eyes, preventing vision loss?

Any job that requires a voltage of view, must be done in good light. Therefore, for right-handed light should fall on the left and, respectively, on the contrary, left-handed right.

To reduce the risk of developing cataracts because of ultraviolet radiation, it is necessary to wear a bright light, sunlight and dark glasses to do dangerous work in goggles.

Start reading the newspaper with a large font.

Let occasionally rest your eyes by closing relaxed palms eyes.

To power the eyes, nerves, and blood vessels eat more fresh greens, fruits and vegetables.

It is necessary to avoid cigarette smoke and reduce the intake of saturated fat to prevent the formation of free radicals in the retina of the eye.

Often, excessive physical stress and emotional inner state of blocking the visual capabilities of the person. We look and do not see anything! That is, each goes through it once in your life slips look at what surrounds it, while he is immersed in their fantasy and their own negative experiences. No wonder ophthalmologists say: “Learn to see well – to learn to live well!”

As scientists believe, for each pathology lies unconsciously suppressed which – in my childhood emotion. For short-sighted, for example, suppressed anger and guilt in farsighted. Sometimes it is enough just by muscle tension free, which is triggered by a suppressed emotion, in order to improve vision.

In any case vision in myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism can be restored by special exercises, meditation and yoga. Well, of course not to forget the “power” the mirror of the soul, vitamin makeup can significantly improve vision.

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