Can breast milk be frozen?

Many mothers are concerned about with regards to the storage of breast milk, which have to be away for a long time and often, but not wanting to stop feeding your baby breast milk useful. Many of you have probably heard that breast milk can be frozen, if necessary to ensure that the product long-term storage. But can breast milk be frozen? Do not get lost when strong cooling milk beneficial properties? Health Blog will try to answer these questions.

breast milk How to freeze breast milk is going on?

In order to freeze breast milk is necessary to take special dishes and it express milk. Such dishes are usually sold complete with a breast pump. Milk can be frozen in glass bottles, plastic cups with a lid, special packages for freezing and other containers. The main condition – the composition of the dishes must not contain phthalates or bisphenol – A.

Before placing the breast milk in the freezer should be pre-cool it in the refrigerator. Then it can shift in the freezer. If you are giving it to store for a long time, then put the milk in the freezer chamber to -18 ° – 20 ° C. If you plan to keep it no more than 4 months, then it is enough -10 ° – 17 ° C.

It is useful to whether to freeze breast milk?

Of course, that coming from its mother’s breast milk is fresher in the stomach baby the most useful. However, when there is a choice between the mother’s milk and frozen dairy mix, the clear choice is to be made in favor of breast milk, even if it is frozen. Of course, the freeze of the minerals and vitamins are lost! But a useful protein, whose analogue in the synthetic mixture is missing, is retained in its form. So if you are going to absent himself for a long time, it is still worth to freeze the milk!

How to defrost breast milk?

It’s simple, thawed, as frozen, ie gradually. It is impossible to remove the milk and immediately put it under hot water or in the microwave. Allocate the time of feeding and, having considered, move the container with the milk from the freezer to the refrigerator. Note that this kind of defrosting should be about 8 – 10 hours.

How to defrost the milk container it is necessary to shake him, as breast milk is separated into layers – the fat at the top, at the bottom of the watery part of milk. So we must be shaken to obtain a homogeneous mass. After shaking, place the container under a stream of warm water or in a pan of warm water. Each time before determining the correct temperature milk shake bottle.

In no case, breast milk is boiled, frozen and reheated in the microwave! All this leads to a loss of useful properties of milk.

Warmed breast milk also must not be frozen again, so it is worth considering the choice of container for milk.

Tips for freezing breast milk!

  • Stuck on each container to freeze expressed milk with a piece of paper with the date and time of pumping portion;
  • Capacity in filling milk do not add to 1cm from the bottle as the liquid swells during freezing, and hence the place for this to be;
  • Always try to use for feeding, a fresh batch freezing.

As you’ve seen quite a freeze breast milk! The benefits that breast milk will keep, bring the baby is difficult to overestimate!

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